Spoken English, Speaking Reading and Writing Skills Development Program

Many Training and Placement officers are often confident about the technical skills of their candidates but sometimes have thought of worry when it comes to students English speaking skills, their confidence, grammar, basic reading and writing skills.

This program designed by Campus For You is a rigorous 168 hrs program ( 28 days) spread over 4 semesters with 7 days of training in each semester and a complete online task based learning program in between the training days.

Following are the major contents of program. Detailed content and plan can be provided to interested College Placement Officers.


Basic English

-English Reading & Speaking

-English Listening &Speaking

-English Writing & Speaking

-Making Conversations

-Transformation of sentences used in Speech

-Speaking in Pre Defined Situations

-Think in English to Speak in English


Correct Usage

-Correct Use of Verbs & Tenses in Speech

-Correct Use of Active/ Passive Voice &        Direct/Indirect Speech

-Correct Usage of Adjectives/ Degrees of Comparison

-Correct Usage of Articles & Pronouns in Speech

-Correct Usage of Prepositions


English Grammar Rules


-Subject and Predicate





-Pronouns & Articles


-Prepositions & Conjunction

-Active/Passive Voice

-Direct/Indirect Speech



Soft Skills

-Email Writing 1.5 Once Activity+ Lecture

-Paragraph Writing 1 Once Activity + Lecture

-Story Writing 1.5 Once Activity + Lecture

-Speaking in Personal Interview

-Group Discussion Sessions

-Introducing Yourself Effectively

-Speaking on your Resume

-Presentation Skills Activity

-General Knowledge for Group Discussion